Artist Spotlight: Melissa Selmin

Artist Spotlight: Melissa Selmin

According to interior design blog, Topology, watercolour prints are set to be a popular addition to interiors this year. From oversized wall arts filled with colours, to simple monochrome water colour effect prints, they give off a beautiful effect everyone will love. Some of their favourites, (and now mine), include the work of UK based artist Melissa Selmin.

Cotton & Clay - Melissa Selmin with a few of her prints

Melissa is no stranger to the UK interior design scene - with a background in fashion retail, she has worked in the US, India and the UK as a commercial artist and designer. She was also recently featured on the amazing interior & lifestyle blog, These Four Walls. (If you love nordic minimalism, then you HAVE to check out the These Four Walls instagram page at @thesefourwallsblog - it is swoon worthy!)

Melissa's latest collection, ‘Serenity’, is a series of monochrome watercolour landscapes which explores the interplay between light and dark.

Cotton & Clay - Melissa Selmin Forest Mist Art Print

Cotton & Clay - Melissa Selmin Abundance Art Print

Cotton & Clay - Melissa Selmin Lake of Stillness Art Print

We are so excited to have a curated collection of these prints now available at Cotton & Clay in New Zealand. Painted in a neutral palette, each print in this nature inspired collection are beautiful on its' own, or paired together for a breathtaking monochrome gallery wall.

Cotton & Clay - Melissa Selmin Gallery Wall

We did a quick Q & A with Melissa and thought we would share a few fun facts about her:

Tell us a bit about your work and what techniques you use?

I enjoy exploring with a variety of mediums and techniques such as acrylic and gouache paint, collage and mixed media but watercolor will always be my 'first love!' 

Sometimes I will approach a new collection with image research and sketching and then move on to painting. Other times I am more spontaneous and experimental, especially with my abstract pieces. This is a more intuitive way of working with no planning involved; I simply enjoy the freedom to create without thinking too much. 

For me there's something really exciting about putting paint to paper - this is most definitely my favourite part of the process. Once I am happy with the artwork, it is then carefully prepared for production.

Melissa Selmin painting Faided Art Print

Melissa Selmin holding Forest Mist Art Print

What is your inspiration?

Like most, I'm inspired by many things; my Chinese heritage, my love for simple, minimal and timeless design, oh and last but not least, nature. It's an endless source of inspiration.

What is your favourite piece from your collection?

My favourite piece from the Serenity Collection has to be Overcast. I love how simple yet atmospheric it feels with the soft watercolor fading into white. It looks great on it's own and equally it pairs well with my other prints, such as Rising Mist.

Melissa Selmin Overcast fine Art Print

What is the most treasured object in your home?

I'm not quite sure if this counts and I try not to get too attached to objects, however in this case it has to be my late Grandfather's Chinese calligraphy/paintbrush. I've kept it on display for a while and I've only just started using it.

Your favourite – Neutrals or Colour?

Well this is a no brainer for me, neutrals without a doubt!

Your favourite – Eclectic or Scandi?

Scandi for sure! Simple, minimal and functional. 

Your favourite – Coffee or tea?

I'm British, so tea it is! Earl grey is my go-to in the morning.

Your perfect Sunday routine?

Routine? What routine!?? Ha! But seriously, I often enjoy making my oat, apple and cinnamon pancakes to start the day. A walk in nature to refresh the mind and some pilates or yoga to wind down later.

Cotton & Clay styled shelf with Melissa Selmin fine art print 

Will these beautiful and moody watercolour fine art prints find a place in your home? For more inspiration and interior eye candy, you can follow Melissa Selmin on Instagram at @melissaselmin

Michelle xx

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