Top Tips for Organising Your Bathroom Storage

Top Tips for Organising Your Bathroom Storage

So I have a confession to make. Although I am usually an organised person who likes to keep things organised and avoid clutter, my bathroom storage is a different matter.

Yes, I admit I am one of those people who tend to throw all my toiletries and bits and bobs into the bathroom cupboard with no thought for tidiness whatsoever. Not to mention the amount of makeup and clutter that always finds it way to the top of the vanity. 

Sounds familiar? Let's take back control of our bathroom storage with these great tips for organising the bathroom, while still maintaining a perfect aesthetic.

Cotton & Clay - Organising bathroom storage with open shelves

Get Rid of The Clutter with Open Shelves

If your bathroom doesn't have a medicine cabinet above the sink, consider adding some open shelves. Use this area for keeping your true everyday essentials such as moisturiser, shaving cream and toothpaste.

Cotton & Clay - Open shelves for storage

Cotton & Clay - Open Storage Cube in bathroom

Cotton & Clay - Contemporary shelving for bathroom

Glass Containers for Storing Small Necessities

To keep your open shelves looking pretty, use attractive containers such as glass jars for keeping supplies such as cotton balls and cotton buds.

Cotton & Clay - Pretty glass containers in bathroom

Cotton & Clay - Bathroom open shelf styling

Pouches for Convenient On The Go Storage

Zippered pouches offer a great way to keep items such as makeup or medications together in an easy-to-grab container. And with an eye-catching print they will also add interest in the bathroom. Once you are done with your morning routine, just grab your pouch and get on with your day!

Cotton & Clay - Makeup pouch storage in bathroom

Small Trays are Oh So Stylish

Trays are a great way of keeping an assortment of small bottles and jars contained, and can be easily lifted for cleaning. Add a few small trinkets such as jewellery, candles or pretty perfume bottles to transform your tray into a beautiful feature.

Cotton & Clay - Small trays with bottles and jars in bathroom

Cotton & Clay - Tray on vanity in bathroom

Baskets, baskets and more baskets!

Baskets are a very popular storage solution in the bathroom as they add character and texture to the space, while also being functional.

Woven, wire or fabric baskets can be used to hold bath & hand towels, laundry, soaps, hair-styling tools, and more.

We have a great range of hand woven and fabric baskets available at Cotton & Clay.

Cotton & Clay - Bench with woven basket and towel in bathroom

Cotton & Clay - Bathroom ladder shelf with woven storage baskets

 Cotton & Clay - Bathroom Laundry Baskets

Drawer Organisers for The Win

Drawer organisers are ideal for keeping bathroom drawers tidy and simplifying the morning makeup search.

Cotton & Clay - Bathroom drawer organiser

Cotton & Clay - Bathroom makeup drawer organiser

Keep it Clear with Labelled Containers

If your bathroom cupboard is a mess and you can never find what you are looking for, then this solution is for you! Use labelled containers to keep extra supplies and less-often used products organised so you can find them easily.

This is a great storage solution for putting like items together, such as bulky bath and beauty products, cleaning products, and medications.

Or use a separate container labelled with each person's name so that the whole family can easily find their own products.

Cotton & Clay - Labelled bathroom storage container

Cotton & Clay - Bathroom storage container

Cotton & Clay - Labelled bathroom storage container for organising family toiletries

Stand Back and Admire Your Handiwork

Think about using your space in a way that makes sense for your daily life, and also fits in with your style. Shop around and find storage solutions that are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Keep frequently used items near where you use them, and attractive containers on open shelves. Extra items and those used less often don’t need to take up valuable real estate, and can be stored away in cupboards using containers for easy reach.

Michelle xx

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