Ultra Violet: A Colour to Inspire

Ultra Violet: A Colour to Inspire

This year Pantone intends to take us on a a mystic and imaginative adventure by revealing Ultra Violet as the color of 2018.

I think you will agree, this shade is far from boring, and for some of us outright scary! Profound, futuristic and somewhat rebellious, Ultra Violet can be a tricky colour to decorate with.

Whether you are a lover of bold colour, or more inclined to play it safe with neutrals, this deep and dreamy colour can be used in various ways to add a touch of sophistication and luxury to your interior.

Ultra Violet Rug

I have to be honest, some of the interior inspiration I have come across have made my eyes hurt, and made me feel like I would have a constant migraine living in such a space. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of mixing things up and being adventurous with your interior. But when you are using such a bold colour, HOW you use it, and HOW MUCH of it, plays an important factor.

And so I have put together a collection of tasteful interiors that are sure to inspire you to use Ultra Violet in your home! 

Balance it with white

Ultra Violet combines very well with white for a lighter and more spiritual feel (in tune with Pantone’s intention). Add raw neutral textures to the mix, and you are guaranteed a calm and inviting space.

Black and White dining with Ultra Violet chairs

White bathroom with violet tree

Invite it to your bedroom

Ultra Violet is full of paradoxes as it is strong and soothing at the same time. Let this profound colour carry you away from reality and encourage you to simply lie back and contemplate the vastness of the cosmos.

Ultra Violet Bedroom

Boho bedroom with violet bedding

Ultra Violet bedroom

Play it safe

Would you like to try out this new trend, but not sure whether you will fall in love with Ultra Violet? Add a few violet decor pieces that you can easily remove should you want a change. Think items such as flowers, cushions, art prints & bedding.

Violet flowers on coffee table

Violet art prints

Neutral bedroom with violet bedding

Or for something a bit more permanent, paint this bold colour inside of a wardrobe, bookcase or cabinet which can be closed or hidden by strategically placed objects.

Wardrobe with Ultra Violet interior

Combine with other colours

 Don't let Ultra Violet play the first fiddle, but rather make it feel part of the whole by joining it with other shades. These can be cooler shades such as grey and green, or even warmer tones such as reds and browns.

Scandi interior with ultra violet chair

Colourful lounge with ultra violet rug

Ultra Violet dining table

Take the plunge

If you are convinced that Ultra Violet is the colour of your dreams, then take the plunge and never look back! Transform your interior with painted walls and furniture in this luxurious colour.

Dark and moody living interior with ultra violet walls

Metallic interior with ultra violet wall

 Bedroom with ultra violet wall

 Black and white lounge with ultra violet couches

I hope you are feeling inspired and excited to introduce Ultra Violet to your home decor in 2018!

Michelle xx

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